Journey to Huang Long

Fresh Steam Buns – Street Stall

On our way to Huang Long

On our way to Huang Long

On our way to Huang Long – Medicine Shop

Altitude sickness potion

On the way to Huang Long

On the way to Huang Long

Huang Long 

If it isn’t on your bucket list, you better write it down now.

The roads were fantastic, the view; gorgeous, and there was a lot of land to cover. We were staying near the Jiu Zhai Gou Valley about 2-3 hours away from Huang Long Terraces, but boy was it worth the trip.

In the 90s, the government stopped logging and protected this area and a UNESCO site. Huang Long is less popular than Jiu Zhai Gou, because of it’s high altitude. However, it’s not as severe as what we thought it would be.

We booked a local driver for the day, it was definitely worth the money, the stories he shared about the locals how tourism had changed their lives. Most people in the village are Tibetan and studied in the monastery. Most crime are still punished by the tibetan monks.

Because of tourism. In recent years that kids are send to the bigger cities to learn mandarin. Local dialects are less used.

If you’re visiting Huang Long or Jiu Zhai Gou, make sure you learn your basic Chinese. Or take a local (chinese) friend with you!



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