Pulau Dayang: Open water CERTIFIED!

Walking from the Jetty

Woo hoo! the dive trip was AMAZING and would highly recommend this to anyone! It was so much fun, the people were friendly, the instructors and dive masters are awesome, and the food was great! Whats there to complain about. 🙂 Have a look through the photos for a snippet of my weekend.

Our instructors at the Pool and Pulau Dayang was Rowell, Theory was Monica. We loved them! They were very chill, easy to talk to, and the best part, their passion for diving! 🙂 If you don’t have your PADI open water license, you better get your ass to amazing dive!

The Jetty

Sunset from Pulau Dayang

Sam saying hello to Pulau Dayang

Sunset Pulau Dayang

Corals by the beach

Pulau Dayang

Our Instructors and Divemaster for the trip

First Dive at the island you see

The walk to the Jetty

Our instructor and Yang Xia(Dive Buddy + Room mates for the trip)

Yang Xia at the beach

Mayur and Yang Xia

Boys being boys

Post dive debrief

Jamming at night



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2 thoughts on “Pulau Dayang: Open water CERTIFIED!

  1. mohdaswad says:

    Nice picture anyway… If you love island… You should go to Pulau Perhentian Kecil too…:))

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