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Chengdu: Panda Sanctuary and Opera House


As we wonder mindlessly through the city, We found amazing food alleys, temples, tea house and Chinese Opera house. So we picked up the tickets and rushed all the way to the otherside of the to watch the opera. It was quite and interesting experiences to see.

Tickets included a Opera show (Folk tale, finger puppet and Opera) and Tea.

As we get seated, in a dark room.. we saw a men dressed in a doctor’s suit, with a torch on his forehead. Whilst he cleans another man’s ears. This as it turns out, is common in all opera houses.

Riverside, Chengdu

Entrance to the Food Alley, Chengdu

Calligraphy, Temple of Literature

Structures, Temple of Literature

Structures, Temple of Literature

Girl, Temple of Literature

Love locks, Temple of Literature

Skewers, Food Alley Chengdu

Opera house

Finger Puppets, Opera House

Finger Puppets, Opera House

Opera Singers, Opera House

Baby Pandas