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Jiu Zhai Paradise Resort

Jiu Zhai Paradise Resort – Foyer

Jiu Zhai Paradise Resort

If you’re the resort type then this is the place for you. In fact, if you’re not staying here, i would recommend heading to the Tian Yu Spa, at least.

This place is full of character, the architecture represented the area(Huang Long and Jiu Zhai Gou) pretty well.

Entrance to the Tian Yu Spa

View of the Spa

View of the Spa

View of the pool

Reward after our Huang Long walk

Angela chillaxing

Inside out concept

View the other side of the pool + spa




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Chengdu: Our accommodation

Adventure Planning

Chengdu: Our accommodation

A city famous for the Panda Sanctuary.

As we explore the city before we make our way to the Panda Sanctuary, we found Chengdu to be quite a “chill” city, people we sitting by the river side sipping tea, eating sweet potatoes, and chewing sugar cane.

Most foreigner come here as a port of entry Tibet.

Our first close encounter with a local

We thoroughly loved the hostel we stayed in as well, it was our first interaction with a ‘true local’. She worked in the hostel we live in. She was ambitious, she’s from a small village outside of Chengdu, her English was immaculate compared to the rest.  And was eager to speak to us, to practice her English.

She wanted to travel, the furthest she ever been is to Shanghai. Passports were not a commodity, let alone visas for different countries.

She reminded us how lucky we were. For the things we took for granted. The life we live. It’s valuable lessons like these, that makes our travel worthwhile.

Here’s a little snippet of our accommodation in Chengdu.

The dresser, Our room

The window view, Our room

The bed, Our room

The hall way, Our Hostel

Bar & Restaurant – Our hostel

Bar & Restaurant – Our hostel

The entrance – Our hostel

Bathroom sink – Our Hostel

Bathroom sink – Our Hostel

Pomegranate @ I heart my camera

Ma Po Tao Fu, Our hostel

Fried Vegetable, Our hostel

Chicken, Our hostel

Our travel buddies, Our hostel



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